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What is Proxy Bypass?

Proxy bypass is a way to access blocked websites to bypass work, school, college or company internet filters and to unblock Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and any other site. Since the Internet has become such a vast information resource, allowing online shopping, social networking and communication like never before, educational institutions have decided to restrict access to the Internet and block specific activities. The decisions came when universities became aware of the amount of time their students are spending using the Internet for personal reasons. To discourage this, different measures were taken as: restricting programs installation on their workstation and activating a firewall or proxy server to restrict access to websites or other Internet protocols.

What makes IP Privacy a perfect proxy bypass software?

Hide My IP acts as a school bypass proxy in that it will hide your IP address, providing you anonymous browsing and will unblock firewall and school proxy. The application interfact allows you to select from a list of proxy locations to use. If you find the proxy speed is to slow, you can choose another proxy. The Premium Service will speed up your Internet connection and includes proxy servers exclusively dedicated to Premium Hide My IP users providing constant browsing quality.  Weather you need to bypass a firewall,  bypass a school proxy or assure yourself safe web surfing, Hide My IP is the software you need..

How do students bypass firewalls and school proxies?

Among with this solution found by universities, students found out how they can regain their liberty and to bypass school's content filters. In fact, this page is about ways to bypass firewall and school proxy so that anyone to be able to visit any website and to download any application they want. To be able to bypass school filter, students start searching for proxy services, to hide their IP address and to browse the web in complete anonymity. What they don’t know is that even if there are so many options available not all of them are safe and secure providing a fast and anonymous surfing. For example if you decide to use a free web proxy than make sure that the person or company providing it has nothing to gain and that you can trust the connection because in most cases there is a catch somewhere. The best solutions for school bypass proxy is Hide My IP which acts like a proxy bypass service but has a defined proxy location list, giving you the possibility to choose a specific proxy (from a specific country) and use it.

Bypass School Proxies